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  • Breithorn 4.164m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa) (SW flank F)>57η Αποστολή
  • Azau-Gitche-Cheget-Kara 3,461m (Caucasus/Russia) (winter ascent)>58η Αποστολή
  • Itkol (Caucasus/Russia)  3.531m (3200m)(winter ascent)
  • Elbrus / west peak 5.642m (Caucasus/Russia) 5220m (winter ascent)
  • Tochuhorn east 2.661m (Pennine Alps/Simplon)>59η Αποστολή
  • Tochuhorn west 2.648m (Pennine Alps/Simplon)
  • Staldhorn 2.463m (Pennine Alps/ Simplon)
  • Monte Leone 3.553m (Lepontine Alps) (South ridge PD)
  • Gross Grunhorn 4.044m (Bernese Alps)  (South west ridge PD)
  • Grunegghorn 3,860m (Bernese Alps) (South east rigde PD) 
  • Walcherhorn 3.692m (Bernese Alps) (North slope F)
  • Unners Monchsjoch 3.519m (Bernese Alps) (North slope F)
  • Gross Fiescherhorn 4.049m (Bernese Alps)  (South east ridge PD)
  • Hinteres Fiescherhorn 4.025m (Bernese Alps) South east ridge F)
  • Fieschersattel 3.923m (Bernese Alps) (South east ridge F)
  • Lauteraarhorn 4.042m (Bernese Alps) (South face couloir and south east ridge 45-52o  -IV-AD) 
  • Jungfrau 4.158m (Bernese Alps) (South east ridge  from Rottalsattel PD 45o)
  • Faulhorn 2.681m (Bernese Alps)>60η Αποστολή
  • Schreckhorn 4.078m (Bernese Alps) (South west ridge D-600m III,IV,V)
  • Dom 4.545m  Pennine Alps  Mischabel Group (North west ridge Festigrat PD+1.600m)
  • Dom west 4.474m  Pennine Alps Mischabel Group (North west ridge Festigrat PD+1.600m)
  • Nordend 4.609m Monte rosa Group (South ridge PD 1800m) (4.180m)
  • Gugle 2.702m Pennine Alps Zermatt (East ridge w2)
  • Nadelhorn 4.327m Pennine Alps Mischabel Group (North east ridge PD 1000m)
  • Ulirichshorn 3.925m  Pennine Alps, Mischabel Group (South west ridge PD)
  • Wyssgrat/Weissgrat 2.886m Pennine Alps, Staldenried Wallis
  • March Violenhorn 2.875m Pennine Alps, Torbel Wallis
  • Augstbordhorn 2.971m  Pennine Alps, Torbel Wallis
  • Schwarzhorn 2.878m Pennine Alps, Torbel Wallis
  • Mallich 2.676m Pennine Alps, Torbel Wallis
  • Schwarzhorn 3.201m (West ridge 700m PD-)  Pennine Alps, Embd Schalp
  • Distelhorn 2.451m  Pennine Alps,  Eischoll-Obri Eischollalp
  • Argischalphoru 2.850m Pennine Alps,  Eischoll-Obri Eischollalp
  • Signalhoru 2.910m  Pennine Alps, Eischoll-Obri Eischollalp
  • Altstafellhorn 2.838m  Pennine Alps, Eischoll-Obri Eischollalp
  • Κ2 8.611m International Winter Expeditions (7.450m)
  • 2021
  • Κ2 8.611m International Winter Expeditions (7.450m)

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