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  • Breithorn 4.159m Central peak   (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa)   (South west Srur direct PD)>31η Αποστολή
  • Edelweiss 1.961m (Pennine Alps) WI) (Solo)
  • Trift 2.337m (Pennine Alps) WI) (Solo)
  • Hanbalm 2.665m (Pennine Alps) WI) (Solo)
  • Theodulhorn 3.469m  (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa)   (South ridge, PD II) (Solo)
  • Zinal Rothorn 4.221m (Peninne Alps/Valais Alps)  (SE Ridge, via the Gabel, AD  (4.030m)
  • Balfrin 3.796m  (Pennine Alps/Valais) Ascent (South ridge, PD / Descent NNW Ridge, PD)
  • Gross Bigerhorn 3.626m (Pennine Alps/Valais Alps) (W-SW Ridge, PD)
  • Dufourspitze  4.634m  (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa) (Normal Route descend Silbersattel PD) 
  • Cima del Breuil or Furgghorn 3.451m (Pennine Alps) (F)
  • Breithorn 4.164m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa)  (SW Flank F)
  • Breithorn Central Peak 4.159m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa) (SSW Spur, PD)
  • Breithorn East peak 4.139m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa) (South face Directisima, PD+ II)
  • Brunegghorn3.883m (Pennine Alps/Valais Alps) Ascent (NE face, TD) Descent (South wesr ridgePD)>31η Αποστολή


  • Dossen 1954m (Pennine Alps/Valais Zermatt)  Διαδρομή πάγου.(WI 3, 40m)>32η Αποστολή.
  • Gran Paradiso 4.061m (Graian Alps) (West flank F+ II)>33η Αποστολή
  • Breithorn 4.164m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa) Triftjigrad D 1.100m (3.250m)>34η Αποστολή
  • Riffelhorn 2.927m (Pennine Alps/Valais) («Skyline», AD+) 
  • Mont Blanc du Tacul / Triangle du Tacul 3.970m (Mont Blanc Group) Contamine Mazeaud II AD+ (3650m)
  • Aiguille du Midi 3.842m (Mont Blanc Group) Cosmigues Ridge II AD 4a
  • Ober Gabelhorn 4.063m(Peninne Alps/Valais Alps)  Arbengrat (AD 3.800m)
  • Bergji 3.052m (Pennine Alps/Valais Alps) – 3.052m (Solo)
  • Breithorn 4,164m  (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa)  (SW flank F) (Solo)
  • Wisshorn 2.936m (Pennine Alps/Valais Alps)>34η Αποστολή 


  • Ebnefluh or Äbeni Flue 3.962m (Bernese Alps/Overland)  North face (TD 900m ) (3.100m)>35η Αποστολή 



  • Pyramid Vincent 4.215m (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa) (F)>37η Αποστολή
  • Balmenhorn 4.167m (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa) (F)
  • Schwarzhorn 4321m / Corno Nero (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa) (PD)
  • Ludwigshohe 4.341m (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa) (F)
  • Parrotspitze 4.432m (Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa) (F)>37η Αποστολή


  • Aletschhorn 4.193m (Bernese Alps/Overland)  (SW ridge, AD II+)(3.300m)>38η Αποστολή
  • Aletschhorn 4.193m (Bernese Alps/Overland)  (SW ridge, AD II+)(3.450m) (solo)>39η Αποστολή
  • Sparrhorn 3.021m (Bernese Alps) (W2) (solo)
  • Foggenhorn 2.569m (Pennine Alps/Valais) (W2) (solo)
  • Grisighorn 3.177m (Pennine Alps/Valais)  PD+ II) (solo)>39η Αποστολή
  • Hübschhorn 3.187m / Cima sud-ovest (Pennine Alps/Valais) (F) (solo)>40η Αποστολή
  • Schwarzhorn 3.105m / Gemmi (Bernese Alps/Valais)  north face M3
  • Schwarzhorn 3.105m / Gemmi (Bernese Alps/Valais) (normal route, F)>40η Αποστολή


  • Punta Giordani 4.046m (Monte Rosa) (F)>41η Αποστολή
  • Punta Gnifetti /Signalkuppe 4.554m(Pennine Alps/Monte Rosa)  (SSW flang F)
  • Gornergrat  3.135m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa) 
  • Hohgwächte 3.740m (Pennine Alps/Valais Alps) (NE flang, PD-) (solo)
  • Mont de l’Etoile 3.370m (Peninne Alps/Valais Alps) (F) (solo)
  • La Luette 3.548m (Peninne Alps/Valais Alps) (East ridge, PD) (solo)
  • Col du pas de Chèvres 2.855m (Pennine Alps/Valais Alps) (W1) (solo)
  • Pointe du pas de Chèvres 2991m(Pennine Alps/Valais Alps)  (South ridge,PD+) (solo)
  • Pigne de la Lé 3.396m(Peninne Alps/Valais Alps) (ascent N-NW ridge, PD & descent S-Sw ridge, F)>41η Αποστολή
  • Oberaarjoch 3.212m (Bernese Alps) (PD)>42η Αποστολή
  • Finsteraarhorn 4.274m (Bernese Alps) (PD)
  • Grünhornlücke 3.280m (Bernese Alps)  (East – West, F)
  • Egginhorn  2.926m(Bernese Alps) 
  • Gemsberg 2.659m (Bernese Alps) (WI)>42η Αποστολή


  • Aiguille d’Argentière 3.902m (Mont Blanc Group) (Road glacier du Milieu, II, PD στα   (3.550m)>43η Αποστολή
  • Breithorn 4.164m (Peninne Alps/Monte Rosa)  (SW Flank F)
  • Gobba di Rollin 3.899m (Pennine Alps) (F)>43η Αποστολή
  • Lobutche East 6.119m (Himalaya / Nepal) (south east ridge, PD)> 44th Expedition
  • Kala Patthar  5.643m (παλ. 5.545m) (Himalaya/Nepal) 
  • Everest 8.848m (Himalaya / Nepal-Tibet) South Side (Nepal)> 44th Expedition
  • Col des roux 2.804m (Pennine Alps)>45η Αποστολή
  • Mont Blava 2.934m (Pennine Alps) 
  • Rosablanche (Pennine Alps) – 3.336m (NE flank f)
  • Grosses Fiescherhorn 4.049m (Bernese Alps) (SE ridge, PD) (3.950m)  
  • Jungfrau 4.158m (Bernese Alps/Valais) . (3.600m) (SE ridge, PD)
  • Grand Tavé 3.158m (Pennine Alps) (Normal F+ / Panossiere-Fionnay)
  • Pigne d’Arolla 3.796m(Pennine Alps)  (ESE flanc F)
  • Pointe des Vignettes 3.194m (Pennine Alps) (SW ridge, W2 F+)>45η Αποστολή
  • Dom / Festi Kin Lüche 3.734m (Peninne Alps/Valais) (AD)>46η Αποστολή
  • Weisshornweg / Wasulicke or Wasilücke 3.114m (Peninne Alps/Valais Alps) 
  • Monte Moro 2.985m (Pennine Alps) (W2)
  • Joderhorn 3.034m  (Pennine Alps)  (Scramble W2 F-)
  • Zinal Rothorn 4.221m (Peninne Alps/Valais Alps)  (SE ridge / Gabel, AD (3.400μ.)
  • Mettelhorn 3.406m (Peninne Alps/Valais Alps) (W2, F) (solo)
  • Blanc de Moming 3.188m / Col la Forcle (Pennine Alps/Valais) (f) (solo)
  • Tête de Ferret 2.714m (Pennine Alps/Valais)ς  (W2, F) (solo)
  • Col de Gd Ferret 2.586m (Pennine Alps/Valais alps) (W2, F) (solo)>46η Αποστολή
  • Mont Blanc  4.808m (Graian Alps/Mont Blanc Group) (Traverse Mont Blanc du Tacul-Mont Maudit)(PD-PD+)>47η Αποστολή




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