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Two Greeks head to Nepal to tackle world’s eighth highest peak

Antonis Sykaris in before the expedition on the 3rd highest peak of the world (interview Antonis Sykaris, to Antonis Kyrikos).

Rethymno (Crete): Athletic Festival 2017 (Antonis Sykaris & Mike Evmorfidis EVEREST 2017)

In Kathmandu market

Greek mountaineers on the Everest peak.

Interview to NG radio

The mountaineer Antonis Sykaris to ERT (Hellenic Television)

Arrival of Theoharis - Sykaris from Himalaya (30.5.18)

Himalaya : These are the Greeks who conquered Manaslu.

The first Greeks who conquered the hardest peak of Himalaya

Tribute of to Antonis Sykaris

He conquered Everest and he goes on. The new :mission impossible” of Antonis Sykaris in Himalaya 

Antonis Sykaris in “Kathimerini” (daily paper)

Businessman in electric appliances , ready for the “black peak” of Himalaya

Antonis Sykaris on virgin peak of Himalaya

Tribute of to Antonis Sykaris

The first Greek who conquered three mountains of the mountaineering Grand Slam

Antonis Sykaris and George Marinos arrived at the top of the world. The conquered Himalaya.

25 started, only two Greeks set foot on Everest peak.

Antonis Sykaris. The Greek who conquered Everest, ready for new mission.

Antonis Sykaris : “Chasing the dream” on the highest peaks of the world.

Ο Αντώνης Συκάρης μιλά για τη φονική ανάβαση στα Ιμαλάια

Θρίλερ στα Ιμαλάια: Σώθηκε από θαύμα ο Αντώνης Συκάρης

Έπειτα από 48 ημέρες, αναγκάζεται να εγκαταλείψει την προσπάθεια κατάκτησης της κορυφής Κ2 των Ιμαλαΐων

«Ετσι σώθηκα!»: Ο Αντώνης Συκάρης στο για την επιβίωση και το θάνατο στα 7.500 μ. των Ιμαλαΐων


peaks over 8000m
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Peaks πάνω από 8.000m 
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The best view comes after the hardest climb.