In Avgouleas - Linardatos schools we consider as our priorityto inspire our students the belief that Life is won and it is not given. The same exists for Knowledge.
We need our students to believe in their capacities to evolve and be better.
To not let anyone to discourage them and to believe that nothing is impossible.
To set high targets and with systematic will and effort to overpass all obstacles in order to achieve their goal.
To let them know that obstacles are “these terrible things that someone sees when he takes his eye away from the goal”
To not abandon their dreams , but to struggle in order to make them true.
The best way for our students to embrace these principles, is through an example of a modern hero.
There is such example, such a modern hero, a Greek who embraces all the above and proves with his way of life that no obstacle is capable to cancel the strong will of a man and to deviate him from his target.
He is the man who set the Greek flag to the highest peak of the world and he still keeps setting it to all world’s highest summits.
He is the mountaineer Antonis Sykaris, the source of inspiration and encouragement for us and our students.
It is therefore a great honor for our schools the positive reply of Antonis Sykaris to our suggestion to become : “The Good Will ambassador of the Avgouleas - Linardatos schools”.
Antonis Sykaris – Greek Alpinistour ambassador
You make us all proud.
We thank you !


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