I…am back …
but this time not alone !!!
On the 15th of September my journey to the eight thousanders of Himalayas, goes on.
Today, at the age of 58, I feel younger than ever and ready on every aspect to continue my big dream: The Project Himalaya summits 14 x 8000m. ⛳️14×8.000m🇳🇵🇨🇨🇨🇳

This time I will not be alone from the Greek 🇬🇷rope-companionship but I will be with Thomas Davarinos.

After spending one month with him in the Alps…”Alea jacta est” (The die is cast) ,
because it is better to give than to take.
As it is well known the most important to each rope-companion and to the rope-companionship is to be under the same passion for the mountain as well as the same values in life, such as companionship and solidarity, synonyms of
truthfulness, selflessness and self denial, characteristics opposite to selfishness and egoism.
But on top of all there must be
mutual trust and appreciation between the companions.
We start therefore aiming to success without additional oxygen and without external assistance.
I want to thank our sponsors, 🙏with out who this expedition would not be possible, for their immediate response. Maybe the economic factor is not the main obstacle in the expeditions, since one has to have technical training , mental strength, perfect physical condition and mountaineering mentality and ethics, but at the same time to be disposed to quit convenience , family and business for two months, risking your life. These are the biggest obstacles that one has to overpass.
Do you want this? Make your choice!
Our targets are the following : First the Makalu (8.485m). My first attempt on this mountain stopped at 7800m , in 2018
Right after is the Mountain of Greeks, the Dhaulagiri (8167m).
My previous attempts on this were 6600m in 1998 and 7.750m in 2019.
And something hilarious, as the radio producer Manos Voularinos uses to say…
“Dear friends and all the others”
we want you all with us , in this big effort of ours. Your wishes and your positive attitude will lead us to the success. Not only our success but a success for the Greek mountaineering.
Because such kind of success inspire other people, mainly younger, to love mountaineering and to follow our steps in Greece, in Alps, in Himalaya, and this will be the most important benefit.
Dear friends,
Thank you from my heart for your support and love on all of my actions and your back up to my wildest dreams.
Be sure and always remember that we are all together in this!
Unfortunately the expedition has been postponed, as the pandemic outburst in Nepal, obliged the authorities to keep forbidding the entrance of strangers to the country, till October 17th, so it was impossible to realize climbing on mountains over 8000m this autumn.

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